The Emory University - Astronomy Club

Dr. Ray DuVarney and Aneil Sharma getting the telescopes ready to show visitors Venus and Jupiter, or aka "Beauty and the Beast."
The Emory University Astronomy Club was started during the Fall 2003 semester by students taking Physics 116, “An Introduction to Astronomy.” The first meeting was October 22, 2003, and a provisional charter was granted by the University during early spring semester, 2004.

Mission statement:
The principal purposes of the Emory University Astronomy Club are:
To stimulate an interest in the science of astronomy at Emory; to nurture an ongoing desire by members of the Emory University community to understand the cosmos; and to provide opportunities for members of the Emory University community to participate in the joy and beauty of astronomy.

To achieve these goals, the Club currently:
  • Holds regular meetings and discussions regarding all aspects of observational and general astronomy.
  • Organizes and conducts occasional outdoor observing sessions.
  • Organizes field trips
  • Sponsors, coordinates and/or assists with Emory University community events involving the astronomical facilities at Emory University
  • We also plan to periodically ask well known figures in the astronomical science profession to speak at special meetings.

    Members of the Emory community on the deck for viewing Venus and Jupiter with Club member Ryan Paddock assisting.


    Membership is open to any member of the Emory community including students, faculty and staff. The Club advisor is Dr. Erin Bonning, Director of the Emory Planetarium.

    If you would like information on becoming a member of the Club, please contact Dr. Bonning via e-mail:, or her office phone: (404) 727-4287.