The evening of October 27, 2004

Recent total lunar eclipses viewed in Atlanta:

L: March 13, 1997

R: Jan. 20-21, 2000

Photos: R. Williamon taken at Fernbank Science Center Observatory

Planetarium & Observatory Open House

On the evening on October 27, Atlantans will be treated to a total lunar eclipse.  Unlike a solar eclipse which is dangerous to view, an eclipse of the moon is perfectly safe.  Indeed, this is a “lawn chair” event which can be enjoyed by anyone from the comfort of your own back yard.  As you may remember, this is our third try at showing you this beautiful astronomical phenomenon. Both rain and cloudy skies obscured our view in the past but we are hopeful the late October skies will be kind to us. Otherwise you will have to wait until March 3, 2007 for your view of a total lunar eclipse again!

Our telescopes will be set up from 9:00 PM until Midnight.

Although you can enjoy this event from anywhere in the United States, you and all members of the Emory community (faculty, staff, families, students and your guests) are invited to drop into the Planetarium between 9:00 PM and Midnight. There you will see a high-quality live video feed of the eclipse direct from the Cassegrain telescope which will be projected into the Planetarium. (Weather permitting, of course.)  faculty members from the physics department will be on hand to explain this astronomical event and answer your questions.

You also will have an opportunity to look directly through our smaller telescopes set up on the front terrace (across from White Hall) and on the rooftop deck. Because of space limitation on the rooftop observing deck, we will take small groups up there as time and opportunity allows. 
Please remember that the viewing is weather dependent.  We'll try our best to schedule a clear evening, but not even the best telescope can see through clouds!

This is not a planetarium show and no RSVP is needed; just drop in and stay as long as you like.

Location: Mathematics and Science Center, 400 Dowman Drive.

Eclipse facts for October 27, 2004:

Eclipse stage:
Eastern Standard Time
Moon enters penumbra (slight shading)
8:06 PM
Partial eclipse begins (moon enters umbra)
9:14 PM
Total eclipse begins (moon totally within umbra)
10:23 PM
Total eclipse ends (moon begins to leave umbra)
11:45 PM
Partial eclipse ends (moon leaves umbra)
12:54 AM
Moon leaves penumbra (slight shading gone and also gone are the astronomers!)
2:02 AM

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