Year of Astronomy Celebration at Emory

Saturn - Emory Observatory
Photo: H. Dale




8:00 PM to 10:30 PM

Planetarium E300 & Observatory
Math and Science Center
400 Dowman Drive

Year 2009 has been proclaimed as the International Year of Astronomy, and April 3 has been selected as the date to appreciate the scientific and aesthetic values of observing the sky. The year 2009 was chosen to mark the 400th anniversary of Galileo Gallilei's first astronomical observations by using the telescope, and the publication of Johannes Kepler's description of the laws of planetary motions.

For Emory's contribution to this world-wide event, you and all members of the Emory community are cordially invited to stop by The Emory Planetarium and The Emory Observatory anytime between 8 PM and 10:30 PM during the evening of April 3, 2009 to check out beautiful Saturn as well as our first quarter Moon. The rings of Saturn are tilted at only about 3 degrees and both the Moon and Saturn are in excellent position for viewing starting just after sunset

We'll begin in the planetarium where you will be able to view a high quality live video feed directly from the observatory. After pointing out some of the fine details to look for, you will be invited to visit the observatory and view either the Moon or Saturn through an eyepiece at the 24-inch telescope. (Weather permitting, of course; otherwise you will get to enjoy some of the very recently recorded video from the observatory). This is not a planetarium show and no RSVP is needed; just drop in to see the live Moon or Saturn image. Members of the Department of Physics will be on hand to point out celestial details and answer your astronomy questions.

We also plan to have several telescopes set up and available for you to look through located on the rooftop observing deck. Emory Astronomy Club members will be selling homemade snacks and drinks. To make certain that your visit is memorable; we will have fascinating Physics demonstrations as well as live music from the fabulous Mac Isseks Quartet in the atrium.

Information about the International Year of Astronomy can be found at:

Information about Saturn can be found at:

Many thanks,
Richard Williamon