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Advanced Lab - Astronomy


444/544 Advanced Lab

Room E601 (Telescope Control Room), Math and Science Center


This course was added after the construction of our new building and the installation of the 24 inch telescope. The purpose of this class is to give the student a basic understanding of astronomical measurements and contemporary techniques.


Class time requirements: All labs will be in the Telescope Control Room E601 MSC. Students will do their observing in groups of two to save time, and each group will be assigned two stars to study for the semester. Unfortunately, Atlanta weather does not always cooperate so each group will need to be ready within a days notice 4 days a week (Monday through Thursday) to do their observing. In the unlikely event every single night is cloudy, students will do an "Indoor" lab using previously aquired data. Each group will be required to do their observing for at least 3 hours after dark. At the end of the semester each student will write a separate report on one star from their observations. It is not our intention to make the students sleep deprived but you will be responsible for taking your own data.



Each group will collect data on an assigned variable star, plot the intensity as a function of time, identify the type of variable and report the observed times of minima (or maxima). Finally, each group will prepare a lab report in the form of a scientific paper for publication. The chalkboard icon to the right here will be used to provide the student with useful information, equations and explanations for the lab projects.


Other useful information may be found on the Observatory Research Page or by clicking on the following links

Students are not required to have taken a prior Astronomy class. Additionally, students are not required to physically operate the telescope or spend the entire night in the observatory. Just remember astronomy is COOL and our goal is to learn about variable stars and have fun!

Variable Star List
Click on the links below to see details about your assigned target.

An Asterisk indicates previously aquired data for use with indoor labs.

  1. V0363 Cassiopeiae
  2. CN Andromedae
  3. SW Andromedae
  4. V0445 Cassiopeiae
  5. V0523 Cassiopeiae *
  6. CW Cassiopeiae
  7. RU Piscium
  8. V0830 Cassiopeiae
  9. SS Piscium
  10. SU Cassiopeiae
  11. HL Aurigae *
  12. KV Geminorum *
  13. CQ Bootis *
  14. CU Bootis *
  15. BG Lacertae *
  16. V1815 Cygni
  17. DH Pegasi
  18. RZ Cephei
  19. V0404 Pegasi
  20. RT Andromedae *
  21. AB Andromedae *
  22. V0351 Pegasi
  23. VZ Pegasi
  24. V0395 Andromedae