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444/544 Advanced Lab/ Machine Shop

Room W101 Math and Science Center





The machine shop course was established in 1997 with the intention of educating graduates and undergraduates alike in the art of machining. There are many aspects of this art form that are not covered in this class. You will learn only the basics. Although you will finish this course with a great sense of accomplishment and confidence, machining takes many years to perfect and you should not attempt to operate these types of machines without supervision.


Class time requirements: You will need to set aside 3 hours per day on at least two days per week. Typically the advanced lab is done in a rotation i.e. a group of two students will attend twice a week, three hours per day for 3 weeks. So for one semester we can accomodate only 8 sturdents maximum. Usually, the classes are full and the schedules are tight so if any classes are missed they must be made up quickly.


Safety Requirements:

The machine shop can be a very dangerous place - please take care and follow the rules!





Day 1