Colloquia and Seminars

Fall 2006

Sept 1 Eduardo Lopez
Los Alamos National Laboratory
Physics of Flow in Complex Networks
Sept 8 Chris Jarzynski
University of Maryland
Nonequilibrium thermodynamics at the microscale
Sept 15 Andrew Kraynik
Sandia National Laboratory
Foam structure and rheology: the shape and feel of soap froth
Sept 22 Mark Newman
University of Michigan
Epidemics, Erdos numbers, and the Internet: The structure and function of networks
Sept 29 Timothy Buchman
Washington University in St. Louis
The times of our lives: Physiologic variability in critical illness and recovery
Oct 6 TBA
Oct 13 Anirvan Sengupta
Rutgers University
Phase Transitions in the State of the Genome
Oct 20 Angelo Bongiorno
Georgia Institute of Technology
Oxidative damage to DNA: role of sequence and strand direction
Oct 27
>> 3:30p!<<
Tom Lubensky
University of Pennsylvania
Rotational and Translational Diffusion of Rigid Rods
Oct 27
>> 6:00p<<
White Hall 208
Carlos Bustamante
University of California, Berkeley
Recent Developments in the Biophysics of Single Molecules
Note special time and place!
Nov 3 Harry L. Swinney
University of Texas at Austin
Fractal Fingers and Torn Garbage Bags
Nov 10 Ann Kenworthy
Vanderbilt University
The search for lipid rafts: chasing a moving target
Nov 17 Michael Geller
University of Georgia
Quantum gate design
Nov 24 Thanksgiving
Dec 1 Meredith Betterton
University of Colorado
Motor protein interaction with obstacles and helicase unwinding of DNA
Dec 8 Langoussis, Riddle, and Willamon
Under the Southern Cross

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