Colloquia and Seminars

Fall 2007
Unless otherwise posted, all colloquia are held at 4 pm on Fridays in Math/Science Center E300

September 7 Sid Redner
Boston University
Statistical Physics of Citations
September 14 Michael Falk
University of Michigan
The statistical mechanics of shear banding in metallic glasses
September 21 Sidney Perkowitz
Emory University
Hollywood Science: Golden Eagles and Turkeys of Science on Screen or, Where's the Sci in Sci Fi Films?
September 25 (Tu!) Stephen Morris
University of Toronto
Order and scale selection in Columnar Joints
October 9 (Tu!)
White Hall 205
Luminaries in Science Series:
Carlos Bustamante

University of California, Berkeley
Development of novel methods of single-molecule manipulation and detection
October 12 Michael Shlesinger
Office of Naval Research
Physics of the Glass Transition
October 19 Family Day
Planetarium open house
October 26
>> 3:00pm <<
Alessandro Vespignani
University of Indiana
Mobility networks and the worldwide spread of epidemics
Joint Seminar with Computational Life Science
Location: White Hall, Room 102, 3pm
November 2 Darryl Kropf
University of Utah
Polarity establishment and asymmetric division in fertilized eggs
November 9 Mark Novotny
Mississippi State University
Are Small-World Nanomaterials Possible?
November 16 Marin Soljacic
Photonic Crystals: when the only limit is imagination
November 23 Thanksgiving
No Colloquium
November 30 Andrew Lyon
Georgia Institute of Technology
Soft Interactions in Colloidal Assembly
December 7 David Swigon
University of Pittsburgh
Mesoscale modeling of DNA elasticity and DNA-protein assemblies

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