Colloquia and Seminars

Spring 2007
Unless otherwise posted, all colloquia are held at 4 pm on Fridays in Math/Science Center E300

Jan. 22
Connie Roth
Northwestern University
Exploring Polymer Dynamics in Ultrathin Films Subjected to High Shear Rates and Dominating Interfacial Interactions due to Nanoscale Confinement
Jan. 26 Charles Henderson
Western Michigan University
Putting Values into Practice: The Mismatch Between faculty Beliefs and Practices
Jan. 29
Dan Needleman
Harvard Medical School
Single Molecule Dynamics in Cell Division
Feb. 2 Ivan Smalyukh
University of Illinois, Urbana
Probing and Controlling Order in Soft Matter: From Confined Liquid Crystals to Aligned DNA
Feb. 12
Paulo Arratia
University of Pennsylvania
Complex Fluids in Microfluidic Systems
Feb. 19
Alberto Fernandez-Nieves
Harvard University
Nematic order in spherical shells
Feb. 28
>>Wednesday 3:30pm<<
Robert Ziff
University of Michigan
March 9
March 16 Spring Break
March 23 Stephan Mertens
Magdeburg University
The Manufacturing of Randomness. Art or Science?
March 30 Greg Huber
University of Connecticut Health Center
The Soft Geometry of Phospholipid Membranes: from Tethers to the Endoplasmic Reticulum
April 6 Ken Kelton
Washington University, St. Louis
Bringing down Barriers - Coupled Phase Transitions in Liquids and Glasses
April 13 Scott Shaw
University of Georgia
Progress in Understanding Cool, Low Mass Stars
April 20 Noah Finkelstein
University of Colorado
The next generation of classroom practice: PER, the Physics Education Technology (PhET) project and learning virtually
April 27 Udayan Mohanty
Boston College
Polyelectrolyte behavior of RNA
April 30 (Monday!) Edward (Joe) Redish
University of Maryland
Problem Solving and the Use of Math in Physics Courses

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