Colloquia and Seminars

Fall 2008
Unless otherwise posted, all colloquia are held at 4 pm on Fridays in Math/Science Center E300

September 5 Beate Schmittmann
Virginia Tech
Physics far from Equilibrium: Why is it important, why is it interesting, and what can we learn?
September 12 Wilson Poon
University of Edinburgh
Bacteria as colloids
September 19 Yi Jiang
Los Alamos National Laboratory
Tumor growth from molecule to tissue: A Cell-based multiscale approach
September 26 Carl Bender
Washington University in St. Louis
Ghostbusting: Reviving quantum theories that were thought to be dead.
October 3 Ian Ferguson
Georgia Institute of Technology
Development of Wide-Band Gap InGaN Solar Cells for High-Efficiency Photovoltaics
October 10 David Waldeck
University of Pittsburgh
Fundamental Studies of Electron Tunneling and Transport between Biomolecules and Electrodes
October 17 Susanna L. Widicus Weaver
Emory University
Testing the Limits of Astrochemistry: Integrative Studies in Laboratory Spectroscopy, Observational Astronomy, and Chemical Modeling
October 24 Arjun Yodh
University of Pennsylvania
Melting and Frustration in Temperature-Sensitive Colloids
October 31 Robin Selinger
Kent State University
Modeling Liquid Crystal Elastomers: Actuators, Pumps, and Robots
Special Time:
November 6
> (Th) 2:30p <
Ilya Nemenman
Los Alamos National Laboratory
Information theoretic methods biology: from information in spikes to predicting protein properties
November 14 Haw Yang
University of California, Berkeley
New Developments in High-Resolution Time-Dependent Single-Molecule Spectroscopy with Applications to Nanomaterials-, Biology-, and Energy-Related Problems
November 21 Jennifer Curtis
Georgia Tech
At the Invisible Rim: Polymer physics of the cell coat
November 28 Thanksgiving
No Colloquium
December 5 YEP student colloquium:
Gail Fanucci

University of Florida
Characterizing Flap Conformations in HIV-1 Protease: Combining Pulsed EPR and Computational Simulations

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