Colloquia and Seminars

Spring 2009
Unless otherwise posted, all colloquia are held at 4 pm on Fridays in Math/Science Center E300

January 26
Monday, 4pm
Hepeng Zhang
University of Texas at Austin
Resonant generation of internal waves on a model continental slope
February 2
Monday, 4pm
Woodrow Shew
National Institutes of Health
Phase transitions and stimulus processing in the brain
February 12
Thursday, 4pm
Room N302
Jaci Conrad
University of Illinois, Urbana
Structure and flow of non-equilibrium colloidal suspensions
February 19
Thursday, 3pm
Room N302
Mustafa Akbulut
Princeton University
The role of intermolecular forces in nanoparticle assembly and nanotechnological applications
February 27 Mark Novotny
Mississippi State University
Far from equilibrium processes in magnetic nano particles and thin films: experiments and simulations for hysteresis, metastability, and dynamic phase transitions
March 6 Martina Havenith
University of Bochum
The THz dance of the protein with the water
March 13 Spring Break
No Colloquium
March 20 TBA
March 27 TBA
April 3 Daniel Platt
IBM Watson Research Center
SNPs, STRs, Populations, Phoenicians, and Genetic Impact of other Historical Events
April 10 Paul M. Wallace
Emory University
Positive Science, Negative Theology
April 17 Lance Waller
Emory University
Spatial Statistics in Disease Ecology: Patterns and Processes in Landscape Epidemiology
April 24 TBA

Other colloquia and seminars:

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