MSC N224 - (404) 712-9061
Research: Molecular and Cellular Biophysics.

MSC N236 - (404) 727-0767

Associate Professor*
MSC N234 - (404) 727-4298
Research: Theoretical and Computational Physics.

Lecturer, Director of the Emory Planetarium
MSC N210 - (404) 727-4287

Senior Lecturer, Director of Undergraduate Studies
MSC N308 - (404) 727-5580

Assistant Professor*
MSC N242 - (404) 727-4297
Research: Soft Matter Physics, Fluid Mechanics, Granular Physics, Geophysics.

Samuel Candler Dobbs Professor*
MSC N230 - (404) 727-4293
Research: Theoretical and Computational Studies of Nonequilibrium Phenomena.

MSC N246 - (404) 727-4930
Research: Experimental thermodynamics and kinetics of protein-induced conformational changes in DNA and the structures of nucleo-protein assemblies relevant to transcriptional regulation.

Assistant Professor*
MSC N214 - (404) 727-6584
Research: Experimental condensed matter physics, nanoscience, optics, material physics.

MSC N232 - (404) 727-0764
Research: Nonequilibrium statistical mechanics, glasses, fracture, Laplacian growth, DLA, disordered systems, computional biophysics, morphogenesis, physics of cancer.

Assistant Professor*
MSC N214 - (404) 727-4039
Research: Quantitative systems biology; Single cell microbiology.

Adjunct Associate Professor
MSC N238 - (404) 727-9285

Associate Professor*
MSC N240 - (404) 727-9286
Research: Theoretical biophysics, coarse-grained modeling in systems biology and neuroscience, information transduction in biological systems, learning and adaptation in molecular, neural, and evolutionary systems.

Associate Professor, Director of Graduate Studies*
MSC N206 - (404) 727-4083
Research: Experimental soft condensed matter physics.

Associate Professor*
MSC N220 - (404) 727-4571
Research: Experimental condensed matter physics;Experiment: spintronics, electronic and magnetic properties of surfaces and nanostructures, nonlinear dynamics in nanomagnetic systems, and strongly correlated materials.

MSC N222 - (404) 727-2975
Research: Experimental biophysics

Professor, Department Chair*
MSC N250 - (404) 727-4479
Research: Experimental soft condensed matter physics.

* Currently Accepting New Graduate Students