Phys436S: Computational Physics (with TrueBasic)

Text: Introduction to Computer Simulation Methods (2nd ed), by Harvey Gould and Jan Tobochnik, (Addison-Wesley, 1996).
Required: TrueBasic (Purchase or make due with free demo version).
Class: Individually, once a week, or by appointment.
Grading: Weekly Reading and Exercises (50%), Term Project (50%).

Exercises: (find programs here)

Week 1: Read Chaps. 1-2.
Week 2: Do Prob. 2.3 (assume r=0.04, Tab. 2.2 is wrong!) and 2.6, read Chaps. 3-4.
Week 3: Simple: Do Prob. 3.3 by modifying drag and using "output to file" from Appendix 3B (see also Sec. 5.4).
Harder (start early!): Do Project 4.3 by modifying planet2. (All initial conditions given in the problem are indeed correct as given!)
Read Chap. 5.
Week 4: Finish Project 4.3, parts a-c.
Week 5: Problem 5.2, parts a-h. Read all of Chap. 6.
Week 6: Problems 6.3, 6.4 (a-d), and 6.15. Here is a sample plot for 6.15. Remember to write up your results in a formatted report!
Week 7: Finish problem 6.15; read Chap. 7; do problem 7.6 (note: there is an elegant RECURSIVE routine for part f!).
Week 8: Finish reading Chap. 7; do problem 7.16a and your share of 7.11,12, or 13.
Week 9: Read Chap. 11; start problem 11.14.
Important: By April 1 select one "Project" from the book (Chap. 8 onward) for your term-paper. (If you have problems picking one, come and see me.) Project papers will be due last day of classes, and we will have a presentation session (instead of a final), where each student gives a talk on his/her results for 30min.
Week 10: Finish problem 11.14, read Chap. 13; start problem 13.5.
Week 11: Finish problem 13.5, start problem 13.9.
Make appointment to discuss your project!
Week 12: Finish problem 13.9, read Chap. 14 (Sec. 1-2 only!); start problems 14.1 and 14.4.
Week 13: Finish problems 14.1 and 14.4.
Questions? Send e-mail here.

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