Advanced Lab
(Fall 2018)

Digital Electronics (Fall 2018:  MW)

Digital Electronics (Fall 2018:  TuTh)

Fundamentals of Engineering Design (Spring 2017)

Electricity & Magnetism (Spring 2015)

Introductory Physics II (Spring 2012)

Modern Physics (Fall 2007)

My first science-fiction novel:  The Philodendrist Heresy



A science class for Tibetan monks and nuns.  This class was sponsored by the Emory-Tibet Science Initiative and held near Dharamsala, India, in May 2008.  Photo by Matt Gilbert.


Our scientific power has outrun our spiritual power. We have guided missiles and misguided men.

—Martin Luther King, Jr.


I have long believed in and advocated a dialogue and cross-fertilization between science and spirituality, as both are essential for enriching human life and alleviating suffering on both individual and global levels.

—The Dalai Lama