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Emory Conference Center Hotel, Atlanta
October 25 - 27, 2001

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Microscopic nanometer scale machines exist in every cell of a living system. NANOBIOLOGY 2001 will bring together leading international experts from different disciplines to discuss the latest experimental, theoretical and computational developments in the study of nanoscale objects and machines in biological systems, particularly molecular motors and thermal ratchets. It is expected that this conference will also impact the field of nanotechnology through introduction of novel nanoscale structures that can be fabricated or self-assembled as well as the elucidation of the dynamics of nanoscale biological motors and machines.

A. Ajdari (ESPCI, Paris) M. Kardar (M.I.T)
R. D. Astumian (Maine) M. Kellermayer (Pécs, Hungary)
N. Carter (Marie Curie Inst., U.K.) J. Klafter (Tel-Aviv)
I. Derenyi (Marie Curie Inst., Paris) K. Lindenberg (U.C. San Diego)
C. R. Doering (Michigan) M. Porto (Dresden)
M. Elbaum (Weizmann) J. Prost (Marie Curie Inst., Paris)
T. C. Elston (North Carolina) M. Urbakh (Tel-Aviv)
M. E. Fisher (Maryland) R. B. Vallee (U. Mass.)
R. Fox (Georgia Tech) K. Visscher (Arizona)
P. Hanggi (Augsburg) H. Wang (U.C. Santa Cruz)

  • Organizing Committee

F. Family, Chair (Emory)
M. Arizmendi (Mar del Plata)
T. Vicsek (Budapest)

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