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Dr. Laura Finzi
400 Dowman Dr.
Math and Science Center
Room: N246
Phone: 404-727-4930
Email: lfinzi@emory.edu
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About the lab

Our research is focused on the elucidation of the molecular mechanisms of transcriptional regulation. We use single molecule techniques such as the tethered particle motion technique (TPM), magnetic tweezers (MT), atomic force microscopy (AFM) and single molecule fluorescence together with more traditional biochemical and biomolecular techniques. We develop instrumentation and computational analyses as needed to carry out our investigations. Our research interests span loop-based genetic switches, transcription roadblocks, the interplay between transcription and DNA supercoiling, topoisomerases and DNA mechanics.

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May 29, 2019 - Our group is seeking a driven experimentalist to investigate the interplay between transcriptional regulation, DNA topology and supercoiling (http://www.physics.emory.edu/faculty/finzi/).

This position will be part of collaborative research into the fundamental and dynamic features of transcription.

Desired Qualifications:

- Experience with molecular biology and biochemistry.

- Prior single molecule experience is a plus but not necessary.

- Data processing and programming.

- Experience with microscopy and instrumentation.

Additional Qualifications:

- Ph.D. in biophysics, physics, chemistry, biochemistry, molecular biology or a related field.

- Fluent in English (spoken and written).

- Self-motivated and a strong work ethic.

- Ability to work independently and in a group/collaborative environment.

Applicants should send a curriculum vitae, the names and email addresses of three references, as well as a brief statement on how their experience and goals relate to our work.

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