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Dr. Laura Finzi
400 Dowman Dr.
Math and Science Center
Room: N246
Phone: 404-727-4930
Email: lfinzi@emory.edu
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Senior Scientist

Laura FinziLaura Finzi (homepage) (cv)(Biosketch)
University of New Mexico, 1990

Department of Physics, Biochemistry, Cell and Developmental Biology Graduate program - faculty
Chemistry Department - affiliated faculty

David DunlapDavid Dunlap
University of Oregon, 1993

Director of the C-Trap facility, Biophysics of DNA, DNA supercoiling, single-molecule approaches (atomic force microscopy, tethered particle microscopy, magnetic tweezers), mechanical properties of DNA, DNA-based motors, transcriptional regulation.


Yue Lu Yue Lu
University at Buffalo, 2020

AFM imaging, DNA replication, C-trap

Graduate Students

Jin Qian Jin Qian
4rd year graduate student
Emory University

Transcription, Magnetic tweezers, Simulation

Dylan Collette Dylan Collette
5th year graduate student
Emory University

Tethered Particle Motion

Lab Technician

Derrica McCalla Derrica McCalla
Lab technician
Kennesaw Univeristy, 2019

Genetic Technology


Undergraduate Students

Current Students:

Allison Cartee Allison Cartee
Class of 2023
Summer 2021-Present

Anna Eligulashvili Anna Eligulashvili
Class of 2022
Spring 2021-Present
Honors Thesis in progress


Former Students:

Jessie Doan, Spring 2021 - Summer 2021

Gustavo Borjas, Fall 2017 - Spring 2021(Highest Honors)

Stefano Martin, Fall 2017 - Spring 2021(High Honors)

Sam Miller, Fall 2020 - Spring 2021(High Honors)

Joe Piccolo, Summer 2017 - Fall 2020 (Highest Honors)

Josh Chen, Spring 2020

Allison Rolle (University of Victoria, Summer(2018,2019))

Zixing Zheng, Fall 2017 - Fall 2019 (Highest Honors)

Leon Tare, Spring 2019 - fall 2019

Alexander Zhang, Spring 2017 - Summer 2019

Dimitris Ntaras (Princeton University, OURSIP fellow, Summer 2018)

Crissy Hendrickson, Spring 2017 - Spring 2018 (Highest Honors)

Geethika Malla, Summer 2017 - Spring 2018 (Highest Honors)

Max Brown, Spring 2017 - Fall 2017

Greg Bright, Spring 2016 - Spring 2017

Hayes Burdette-Sapp, Summer 2016

Gulnigar Nurhikim, Spring-Summer 2016

James J. Boyle, Summer 2013

Benito J. Thompson, Spring 2013

Hamin Jeon, Undergraduate Honors Thesis 2012-2013 (Highest Honors)

Yiming Zhang, Fall 2012-spring 2013

Yoojin Lee, SURE Program Summer 2011-2012

Chandler H. Fountain, Undergraduate Honors Thesis 2010-2012 (Highest Honors)

John Mack, 2011-2012, SURE program Summer 2011

Simon Johannes, Summer Collaborator from Vanderbilt

Kerry McGill, SURE program Summer 2011

Charles Andrew Robinson, 2009-2010

Il Kyu Oh, SURE Program 2010

Nathan Cho, Summer 2009

Paul Liebesny, Honor Thesis 2009 (Highest Honors)

William Dunn, 2008-2009

Aalap Shah, Summer 2008

Rabeea Kahn, SIRE program Fall 2007- Summer 2008

Rebecca Reeds, INSPIRE program 2007 - 2008

Zhara Pirani, SIRE program 2006

Ian Dahlke Jr., 2006

Kavita Salomon, 2006

Manu Lakshmanan, SURE program summer 2006


Wenxuan Xu
Graduate student 2016-2021
Now a postdoc in Dr. Hongxia Fu's lab at University of Washington
Eugene Ostrofet
Postdoc 2020-2021
Now Customer Success Scientist for acoustic force spectroscopy (AFS) with Lumicks Inc. in Amsterdam, NL
Josh Mendez
Postdoc 2019-2020
Now Director,Sensors for Extreme Environments Lab at University of Oregon
Yan Yan
Graduate student 2013-2018
Postdoc 2018-2019
Now a postdoc in Dr. Peng Yin's lab at Harvard University
Daniel Kovari
Postdoc Fellow 2014-2019
Now Process Development Engineer in Abbott Atlanta
Zsuzsanna Voros
Visiting Scholar 2015-2018
Roberto Ortiz
Rotation Student 2015-2016
Sandip Kumar
Postdoc Fellow 2014
Now in the department of biochemistry in University of Oxford: Oxford, Oxfordshire, GB
Yue Ding
Graduate Student 2008-2014
Now at Pacific Biosciences,CA
Suleyman Ucuncuoglu
Graduate Student 2009-2014
Now Assistant Professor at Medipol University Medical School in Istanbul
Emrah Simsek
Graduate Student
Fall Rotation 2013
Diane Wiener
Postdoc Fellow 2012-2013
Sr. R&D Engineer, Bioengineering at Chan Zuckerberg Biohub
Mónica Fernández Sierra
Postdoc Fellow 2011-2013
Now senior Scientific Director at Vaniam Group, Articulate Science
Shengming Zhang
Rotation Student 2012-2013
Now at Dept. of Physics, University of Georgia
Ning Gao
Postdoc Fellow 2011-2012
Now postdoc at Dept. of Surgery, Emory University
Haowei Wang
Graduate Student 2005-2011, Postdoc Fellow 2011-2012
Now Associate Professor at Dept. of Optics,
University of Science and Technology of China
Sachin Goyal
Postdoc Fellow 2010-2011
Now Assistant Professor at Dept. of Mechanical Eng.,
University of California at Merced
Qing Shao
Graduate Student 2005-2011 and PRISM fellow 2009-2011
Now Associate Professor at Georgia Gwinnett College
Neslihan Ucuncuoglu
Graduate Student
Summer Rotation 2010
Chiara Zurla
undergrad, graduate student and postdoc
Now at Emory, Department of Biomed Eng.
Carlo Manzo
Now Associate Professor at Universitat de Vic ?Universitat Central de Catalunya,Spain
Fiorella Guerra
Graduate Student and Post-Doctoral Fellow
Lab Manager, King's College, London
Zhiyong Dong
Graduate Student
Spring Rotation 2006
Doriano Brogioli
Post-Doctoral Fellow
Giuseppe Lia
Master Student
Now at Univerista degli Studi di Torino
Alessandra Favalli
Master Student
Roberto Ziano
Master Student
Laura Imperadori
Master Student
Elena Consoli
Master Student
Walter Colnaghi
Master Student
Alberto Franzini
Undergraduate Student
Giorgio Galli
Undergraduate Student
Lab head Investigator II, Novartis Institutes for Biomedical Research (NIBR), Basel
Alessandro Rozza
Undergraduate Student