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About us:

We explored labs.   We saw physics at Emory.  We did what prospective physics majors dream of doing. 
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Phys 397R Class - April 2009 
From left to right: (back row) Connie Roth, Mina Sardashti, Wei Wang, Grace Uttarotai;
(front row) Paul Yoon, Mary Radhuber, Paulina Belsky.

Phys 397R: Research & Careers in Physics

This course focused on research conducted in Emory's physics department through a series of lab tours, but also touched upon other areas of science.  The idea behind this course is to give students an opportunity to explore potential future career options in physics and research through informal discussions once a week.

Spring 2009:
Jan 15 - Course introduction/discussion
Jan 22 - Discussion with Cathy Quinones (Undergraduate research opportunities)
Jan 29 - Presentation/discussion with John Malko (Medical physics)
Feb 5 - Lab tour - Connie Roth (Polymers)
Feb 12 - Seminar by potential faculty candidate, and Planetarium tour
Feb 19 - Visit to Emory's Career Center (Paul Fowles)
Feb 26 - Class discussion of career possibilities in science
Mar 5 - Discussion with Paul Fowles (Career Center)
Mar 19 - Lab tour - Ivan Rasnik (Single molecule fluorescence)
Mar 26 - Lab tour - Eric Weeks (Colloids)
Apr 2 - Lab tour - Susanna Widicus-Weaver (Astrochemistry)
Apr 9 - Lab tour - Kurt Warncke (Protein dynamics)
Apr 16 - Brain storming session for course website
Apr 23 - Final class (presentations, class photo and class dinner)