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Undergraduate Research Opportunities:

Undergraduate Research in Emory's Physics Department

For advice in finding a science research mentor, see

Physics research coordinator:  Dr. Eric Weeks, , 404-727-4479

Research opportunities are available year-round and can be paid, unpaid, or for credit.

For credit opportunities (unpaid):
- For physics research for credit at Emory, contact department undergraduate research coordinator before the registration deadline.
- Semester Abroad Program (programs available through Emory and non-Emory institutions).  Deadlines:  March 15th for Fall, October 15th for Spring.  Contact CIPA (Center for International Programs Abroad) for more information.

In addition, there are numerous research opportunities during the summer (often paid), check the specific websites for deadlines.

SURE Program: Summer Undergraduate Research Experience

"The Summer Undergraduate Research Program at Emory (SURE) allows undergraduate students to conduct supervised research with a faculty mentor."

Available during the summer for research on-campus at Emory.  Application deadline is second week of February.  However, don't push this off until the last minute.  Many things need to be done prior to the deadline, such as finding a mentor, writing a proposal, etc.  Contact Cathy Quinones via LearnLink for more information.

SIRE Program for Undergraduate Research

"Emory's faculty produces world-class research and scholarship and has a strong commitment to teaching.  One place that these dual commitments meet is in undergraduate scholarly inquiry -- when undergraduates work with faculty as apprentice researchers and scholars."

SIRE is a Research Partners Program that helps students get involved in research by matching students and faculty in research partnerships for one academic year.

SIRE Research Partners:
- Open to second and third year students in all fields
- Includes summer research
- Travel awards
- On-campus research opportunities
- Deadline is May 21st for the academic year
- Students without work-study are paid hourly
- Students meet with graduate SIRE fellows weekly for workshops to support skill building

For more information visit,

International Research Experience in Science (IRES):

Available during the summer for research abroad.  Application deadline is in October.  See:


Dr. Cathy Quinones  (Associate Director, SURE Program)
E-mail:,  Phone: (404) 727-3439

Dr. Leah Roesch (SIRE director) at or 404-727-6160.