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Polymer Glasses

Edited by Connie B. Roth

(CRC Press, Taylor & Francis Group, December 2016)   

Foreward by Kenneth S. Schweizer

Section I: What Makes Polymer Glasses Unique?

Chp 1. Fundamentals of Polymers and Glasses
Connie B. Roth, Roman R. Baglay

Chp 2. Structural Recovery and Physical Aging of Polymermic Glasses
Sindee L. Simon, Gregory B. McKenna

Chp 3. Glass Transition and Relaxation Behavior of Supercooled Polymer Melts: An Introduction to Modeling Approaches by Molecular Dynamics Simulations
Joerg Baschnagel, I. Kriuchevskyi, J. Helfferich, H. Meyer, O. Benzerara, J. Farago, J. Wittmer

Chp 4. Thermo-Mechanical Signatures of Polymeric Glasses
James M. Caruthers, Grigori A. Medvedev

Section II: Polymer Glasses in Confinement

Chp 5. Correlating Glass Transition and Physical Aging in Polymer Films
Connie B. Roth, Justin E. Pye, Roman R. Baglay

Chp 6. Mechanical and Viscoelastic Properties of Polymer Thin Films and Surfaces
Gregory B. McKenna, Meiyu Zhai

Chp 7. Glassy and Aging Dynamics in Polymer Films Investigated by Dielectric Relaxation Spectroscopy
Koji Fukao

Chp 8. Cooperative Motion as an Organizing Principle for Relaxation in Supported Thin Polymer Films
Francis W. Starr, Jack F. Douglas, Paul Z. Hanakata, Beatriz A. Pazmino Betancourt

Chp 9. Mechanical Properties of Polymers and Nano-Composites Close to the Glass Transition
Didier R. Long, Alain Dequidt, Samy Merabia, Paul Sotta

Section III: Polymer Glasses Under Deformation

Chp 10. A Molecular Perspective on the Yield and Flow of Polymer Glasses: The Role of Enhanced Segmental Dynamics During Active Deformation
Mark D. Ediger, Kelly Hebert

Chp 11. Local Relaxation, Aging, and Memory of Polymer Glasses at Rest and Under Stress
Joerg Rottler

Chp 12. Experiments-Inspired Molecular Modeling of Yielding and Failure of Polymer Glasses Under Large Deformation
Shi-Qing Wang, Shiwang Cheng

Chp 13. Modeling Strain Hardening in Polymer Glasses Using Molecular Simulations
Robert S. Hoy

Chp 14. A Comparison of Constitutive Descriptions of the Thermo-Mechanical Behavior of Polymeric Glasses
Grigori A. Medvedev, James M. Caruthers