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Ph.D Students Graduated

      Xinru Huang, Ph.D. Physics 2018
         Dissertation: "Comparing Measures of Global and Local Material Properties of Polystyrene under Different Boundary Conditions: Smooth, Chain-Tethered, and Rough Walls"
         B.S. Physics, Shihezi University
         Currently working at Porsche.

      Roman R. Baglay, Ph.D. Physics 2017
         Dissertation: "Local Glass Transition Gradients near Dissimilar Polymer-Polymer Interfaces in Nanostructured Polymeric Materials"
         B.S. Physics, New York University

      Laura A.G. Gray, Ph.D. Physics 2015
         Dissertation: "Formation of Polymer Glasses: Impact of Mechanical Deformation and Cooling Conditions on Physical Aging"
         Selected for Padden Symposium by DPOLY at APS March Meeting 2015; Chair of 2014 GRS on Polymer Physics
         B.S. Physics, North Carolina State University
         Currently postdoc at Princeton University.

      Annika Kriisa, Ph.D. Physics 2015
         Dissertation: "Influence of Electric Fields on the Miscibility of Polystyrene / Poly(vinyl methyl ether) Blends"
         B.S. and M.S. Physics, Tallinn University of Technology
         Currently postdoc at Georgia State University.

      Justin E. Pye, Ph.D. Physics 2014
         Dissertation: "Glass Transition and Physical Aging Behavior of Thin Free-Standing and Supported Polystyrene Films"
         Winner of the Padden Award from DPOLY at APS March Meeting 2014
         B.S. Physics, Carnegie Mellon University

Masters Students Graduated

      Kelsey Hattam, M.S. Physics 2013
         MS Thesis: "Effect of a Glassy-Glassy Polymer Interface on the Physical Aging of Polystyrene"
         B.A. Physics, Smith College

      Elizabeth A. Baker, M.S. Physics 2009
         MS Thesis: "Physical Aging of Confined Polymer Films by Use of a New Streamlined Ellipsometry Procedure"
         B.S. Physics, Bucknell University

Honors Students Graduated

      Jennifer A. McGuire, B.S. Physics & Computer Science with Highest Honors 2018
         BS Honors Thesis: "Role of Glassy-Rubbery Interfaces on the Physical Aging of Glassy Polymer Thin Films"

      Phillip M. Rauscher, B.S. Physics & Chemistry with Highest Honors 2013
         BS Honors Thesis: "Effect of Adjacent Rubbery Layers of the Physical Aging of Polymer Glasses"
         Currently grad student at the University of Chicago's Institute for Molecular Engineering.

      Sung S. Park, B.S. Physics with Highest Honors 2012
         BS Honors Thesis: "Fluorescence Study of Polystyrene / Poly(vinyl methyl ether) Polymer Blends and Effect of Electric Fields on their Miscibility"

      Suk Whan (Paul) Yoon, B.S. Physics with Highest Honors 2012
         BS Honors Thesis: "Effect of Thermal Conditions and Mechanical Stress During Vitrification on Physical Aging of Thin Polymer Films"

      Sandra Boyce-Smith, B.A. Chemistry with Honors 2010
         BS Honors Thesis: "Fluorescence Studies of Polystyrene in Polystyrene/Poly(vinyl methyl ether) Blends and Multilayers"

Undergraduate Students

      Shannon Hill, Physics (Emory's SIRE program)

      Queenie He, Engineering Sciences, Materials Science track

      James Park, Physics

      Gino Elia, Physics & Philosophy
         Graduated May 2016, Awarded Georgia Teaching Fellow at Piedmont College

      Matteo Tortorella, Physics

      Oscar Gryn, Physics

      Katy Jones, Physics

      Daniel (Kang-Woo) Park, Physics

      Michael Martin, Carnegie Mellon University

      Ethan Sobol

      Kate Rohald, Physics

Graduate Rotation Students

      Joshua Teves, B.S. Physics, College of Charleston

      Dylan Powers, B.S. Physics, University of Maryland

      Robert Lemasters, B.S. Physics, College of Charleston

      Keely Criddle, B.S. Physics, James Madison University

      Andrei Zholud, B.S. Physics, Belarusain State University; M.S. Physics, National Academy of Sciences, Belarus

Research Assistants

      Andy Pahner, B.S. Physics, Emory University

Postdoctoral Associates

      James Davidheiser, Ph.D. Physics, Emory University; B.S. Physics, Drexel University
        (June 2009 - January 2010)

High School Teacher

      Xiaolu (Jerry) Xi, Campbell High School physics teacher
         (B.Eng. Tianjin Institute of Technology; M.S. Physics, University of Georgia)