Continuous-Wave Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Spectrometers

Bruker E500

A Bruker E500 is used to perform continuous-wave EPR and ENDOR at X-band (~9.4 GHz) and Q-band (~31 GHz). Different cryostats allow EPR and ENDOR experiments to be performed from 4 K to room temperature. This instrument was acquired through a Shared Instrumentation Grant from the National Institutes of Health (K. Warncke, P.I.), with a generous contribution from Emory College. The user group includes members of the Physics, Chemistry and Biochemistry departments at Emory.

A Bruker ER200D X-band continuous-wave EPR spectrometer is housed in a separate room adjacent to the Warncke Lab. The ER200D is PC-controlled. Oxford and Airco cryostats allow operation from 4-300 K.