Continuous-wave Optical Spectrometer

A commercial spectophotometer (Shimadzu UV1601), which is interfaced with a PC, is used for routine spectrophotometry. This spectrophotometer has been outfitted with a home-built sample chamber and cryostat for low-temperature (100-250 K) optical studies of static samples or samples prepared by rapid mixing.


Light Sources

The following light sources are used for time-resolved studies or for continuous-wave illumination of samples:

  • Pulsed-Nd-YAG laser (Spectraphysics), with output at 1064, 532 and 355 nn and 10 ns fwhm pulses at 10 Hz.
  • Pulsed-xenon flash lamp, with 2 microsecond fwhm.
  • CW-xenon arc lamps, 300 W and 1000 W.