Li Sun (Postdoc)

Li Sun

B.S., Physics (University of Science & Technology, Hefei, PRC, 2003); M.S., Computational Science; Ph.D., Physics (Emory University, 2009); Postdoc (Princeton University, 2009-2011); Postdoc (Emory University, 2011- )

Li initiated the use of site directed mutagenesis of ethanolamine ammonia-lyase to study the mechanism of catalysis by using combined enzyme kinetic and spectroscopic techniques. For the computational component of his Physics Ph.D./Computational Science M.S. degree, he developed the OPTESIM software for simulation of ESEEM. In his postdoctoral work, he has applied EPR to study the microscopic structure of frozen aqueous-sucrose solutions, and the solution environment around the protein. He has also pioneered a low temperature pulsed-EPR relaxation method to measure ligand-dependent changes in internal protein structure and dynamics.