"Invariance of structure in an aging colloidal glass"
Gianguido Cianci, Rachel E. Courtland and Eric R. Weeks, AIP Conf. Proc. 832: Flow Dynamics: The Second International Conference on Flow Dynamics, eds. M Tokuyama & S Maruyama, pp. 21-25 (2006).

We study concentrated colloidal suspensions, a model system which has a glass transition. The non-equilibrium nature of the glassy state is most clearly highlighted by aging -- the dependence of the system's properties on the time elapsed since vitrification. Fast laser scanning confocal microscopy allows us to image a colloidal glass and track the particles in three dimensions. We analyze the static structure in terms of tetrahedral packing. We find that while the aging of the suspension clearly affects its dynamics, none of the geometrical quantities associated with tetrahedra change with age.