"Dynamics and structure of an aging binary colloidal glass"
JM Lynch, GC Cianci, & ER Weeks, Phys. Rev. E 78, 031410 (2008).

We study aging in a colloidal suspension consisting of micron-sized particles in a liquid. This system is made glassy by increasing the particle concentration. We observe samples composed of particles of two sizes, with a size ratio of 1:2.3 and a volume fraction ratio 1:8, using fast laser scanning confocal microscopy. This technique yields real-time, three-dimensional movies deep inside the colloidal glass. Specifically, we look at how the size, motion and structural organization of the particles relate to the overall aging of the glass. Particles move in spatially heterogeneous cooperative groups. These mobile regions tend to be richer in small particles, and these small particles facilitate the motion of nearby particles of both sizes.