"Measuring and overcoming limits of the Saffman-Delbruck model for soap film viscosities"
S. Vivek and Eric R. Weeks, PLoS ONE 10: e0121981 (2015).

We observe tracer particles diffusing in soap films to measure the two-dimensional (2D) viscous properties of the films. Saffman-Delbruck type models relate the single-particle diffusivity to parameters of the film (such as thickness h) for thin films, but the relation breaks down for thicker films. Notably, the diffusivity is faster than expected for thicker films, with the crossover at h/d = 5.2 +/0.9 using the tracer particle diameter d. This indicates a crossover from purely 2D diffusion to diffusion that is more three-dimensional. We demonstrate that measuring the correlations of particle pairs as a function of their separation overcomes the limitations of the Saffman-Delbruck model and allows one to measure the viscosity of a soap film for any thickness.