Data for Vivek, Kelleher, Chaikin, & Weeks, PNAS (2017)

Data from experiments studying 2D colloidal suspensions.

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Important note for all data sets: Some particles may not exist at all times, but the tracking program has identified them as likely the same particle and thus with a continuous identity. However, it is known that occasionally the tracking program makes mistakes with this.

Data from experiments studying dense 2D bidisperse colloidal suspensions

The data are in the form (x,y,d,t,id) where d is the particle diameter. The units for (x,y,d) are microns. Time is an integer, with the time step for each given in the table (in other words, multiply the integer time by the time step to convert the time to seconds). Each particle has a unique ID number assigned to it (an integer). The samples are bidisperse. The tau_alpha reported in the tables below is the regular tau_alpha, which is what is used to plot data in Figs. 3 and 6 of our paper. See our paper for further details.

2D Hard particles data (taken by Skanda Vivek at Emory)

For these data, tau_alpha0 is 5.4 s (the value of tau_alpha from dilute data).

filenamearea fractiontime step (s) tau_alpha (s)comments
t2_16_1b.zip0.551 9.5Black data of Fig. 2, 5a
t2_13_3b.zip0.651 18
t2_S50_4b.zip0.703.3 31
t2_10_19b.zip0.746.6 135
t2_10_26b.zip0.7516.5 550Red data of Fig. 2, 5a
t2_10_29b.zip0.7616.5 3000
t2_10_30b.zip0.7816.5 14000Blue data of Fig. 2, 5a; data of Fig. 4(a)
t2_10_11b.zip0.7816.5 40000Green data of Fig. 2, 5a

2D Soft particles data (taken by Colm Kelleher at NYU)

For these data, tau_alpha0 is 20 s (the value of tau_alpha from dilute data).

filenamegammatime step (s) tau_alpha (s)comments
t2_apr19b.zip58.612 27Black data of Figs. 2 and 5B
t2_apr22b.zip96.482 37
t2_apr25b.zip98.192 47
t2_may7b.zip140.052 146
t2_may8b.zip178.302 360Red data of Figs. 2 and 5B
t2_may23b.zip305.322 3800Blue data of Figs. 2 and 5B; data in Fig. 4
t2_may26b.zip298.782 11000
t2_may20b.zip458.042 27000Green data of Figs. 2 and 5B

3D hard particles data

The 3D data used in Vivek et al., PNAS (2017) are from an earlier paper and are posted on the web here.