Data for Hong et al. (2017) and Tao et al. (2021)

Data from experiments and simulations studying clogging

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These data sets were studied in:

Data for figures

Data from Hong 2017 Fig. 5: data-fig5.txt. Format of data: text file, columns = (panel of figure, gravity in g, w/d, Pclog, symbol). Symbol explains what symbol of the figure the data corresponds to, which should be consistent with the value of gravity.

Data from Hong 2017 Fig. 6: data-fig6.txt. Format of data: text file, columns = (delta/d, w/d(Pclog=1/2), symbol).

Data from Tao 2021 Fig. 4: sigmoid_dat.txt. Format of data: text file, columns = (delta/d, w/d(Pclog=1/2), width s of sigmoid fit, particle type).

Representative simulation data

The data are in the format [x,y,radius,time,ID]. (Each particle has a unique ID number.) The simulation code is available on GitHub (written in IDL).

filenamew/dgravityfinal state
w20g01h.0000.txt (in a zip file) 1.01e-2clogged
w36g01h.0000.txt (in a zip file) 1.81e-2clogged
w36g01h.0001.txt (in a zip file) 1.81e-2did not clog
w60g01h.0000.txt (in a zip file) 3.01e-2did not clog
w50g001h.0000.txt (in a zip file) 2.51e-3did not clog
w50g001h.0001.txt (in a zip file) 2.51e-3clogged

Arch data

These data are specifically from Tao et al, PRE 2021.

Starting with 800 soft particles, let them flow out of a hopper, see if they clog. If they clog, save the arch information and final state information:

Format of 'arch' data files:

Format of 'final' data files: [x, y, radius, final time, simulation number]. For example, the file final-w18g01.txt starts with the entry [0,0,0,0,0] indicating that simulation #0 did not clog. Then rows 2 through 130 have the form [x,y,r,2442,1] indicating that simulation #1 clogged at time 2442, with final particles in the positions given. Row 131 has the entry [0,0,0,0,2] indicating that simulation #2 did not clog.

If you take a histogram of column 47 of the three arches-w* files, that should reproduce Fig. 5(b) of Tao PRE 2021. Likewise Fig. 5(a) is derivable from that data although less directly.