Pre-history of the lab

Pictures taken October, 2000 -- click here for more current pictures

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During the week of October 9, 2000, I visited Emory University and took some pictures of my new laboratory. It was still under construction, but the pictures give some idea of what it will be like.

Cherry Logan Emerson Hall
This is the outside of Emerson Hall. The big grey building on the right is the current chemistry building, which Emerson Hall is attached to. Emerson Hall opened in January, 2001, so the construction seen in the pictures below is all finished.

Here's the floor plan. The chemistry lab is at right, and the two main labs are the big rooms marked PHYSICS at the left. The chemistry prep area has two workbenches, each with room for four people to work. The lower main lab (Emerson 350) is the microscopy lab, the upper lab (Emerson 360) is the faster confocal / shear cell lab. There are also four student offices shown in the drawing, each with room for two people.

floor plan

Click on the pictures to see enlarged views.
These are taken in Emerson 350. The first picture is looking towards the office at the lower-left corner. The second picture is looking towards the upper-left corner; my friend Anna Lin was visiting Emory and is wearing a hard-hat. The third picture is looking towards the upper-right corner, showing the door leading to the hallway and the chem lab. The fourth picture is looking towards the bottom-right corner of the main lab. Notice that the offices have glass walls facing the lab and the outer hallway, and the outer hallway (at the very left of the floor plan diagram) has big windows.

Down the center of the room is a hanging carrier with electrical and gas outlets. The wires for the electrical stuff are hanging loose at the moment.

There are also two doors leading to the next-door labs (slightly visible to the left & right of the office doors).

Click on the pictures to see enlarged views.
This is the chemistry lab. The first picture shows the right side of the room with one of the fume hoods; the left side of the room is the mirror image. The second picture shows the bottom wall and one of the workbenches. The third picture is taken facing the upper-left corner of the room, showing the other fume hood. At the right, there is a niche with room for a refrigerator and a chemicals storage cabinet.

You can see some signs that the room is still under construction... soda cans aren't around now that the room is used for chemical preparations! (See if you can spot the can.)

This is the view from the hallway right outside the windowed offices. It's a kinda fuzzy picture looking toward part of the chemistry building (Atwood Hall).