Extra pictures 1-4

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A=3.77 B=2.31 C=1.65 D=5.14 E=0.36 F=0.76 I=1.70 J=1.72 K=0.38 L=1.70

A=2.53 B=3.70 C=1.46 D=4.08 E=0.20 F=1.36 I=1.83 J=1.98 K=0.22 L=0.56

A=8.08 B=5.30 C=7.22 D=4.29 E=0.34 F=0.74

A=0.10 B=0.46 C=7.63 D=9.79 E=1.96 F=0.78

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