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One-liner trigonometric plot

A very simple plot created by stringing together a few things. See the bottom of the page for links to other simple algorithms like this one.
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This was created with the following command:

seq 0 1000 0.3 | gawk '{print $1,sin($1),(sin($1/10)+1)/2,(cos($1/10)+1)/2, (sin($1/2)+1)/2}' | psdraw -C -c 0.15 >

The basic idea is that I'm plotting the trigonometric function sine(x) so quickly that you can't see the waves; instead, you see overlapping sine functions. I'm plotting small colored circles for each point.

This is not technically a one-liner, perhaps, as I'm using two additional programs. The program "seq" is used to print the numbers 0 to 1000 in increments of 0.3. The program psdraw takes the numbers and makes a postscript file, using the 3rd-5th columns of the input to set the RGB colors. The gawk script in the middle generates the data; I choose the various trig functions for the colors somewhat arbitrarily.

Click here if you'd like to see the source code for seq (actually, a perl script based on something I read in a book).

Click here for more information on psdraw.

Another version of this picture:

This was made with the command:

seq 0 1000 0.6 | gawk '{print $1,sin($1),(sin($1/40)+1)/2,(cos($1/40)+1)/2, (sin($1/4)+1)/2}' | psdraw -C -c 0.3 >


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This page created August 22, 1996.

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