Particle tracking using IDL -- John C. Crocker and Eric R. Weeks
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This is a general-purpose pretracking program. For some description of using this, see our main tutorial at: here (look at Part 2). You can also download which is very similar, click here if that link fails.

General usage:
IDL> epretrack,'files*', ...options...
IDL> pt = stkpretrack(imagestack, ...options...)

epretrack will pretrack as many files as you specify; or, if you already have a single image stack read in, then you can use stkpretrack, which does not write any output files. The options for both are as follows, with the defaults being as shown:

feature & bpass options:

Image manipulation options:
Filetype options (for epretrack): -- follow the links to download the referenced programs
Additional options:

Alternate usage:
IDL> epretrack,imagestack, ...options...

In this case, the data is written to the file "pretrack.gdf" unless you use the keyword prefix to change the filename, in other words:

IDL> epretrack,imagestack, prefix="filename.gdf", ...options...

Or, you can just use stkpretrack which is a function that returns the pretrack data as a variable, thus bypassing the file-writing part.

This program written by Eric, but based on jpretrack by John. Alternate usage of passing the imagestack suggested and debugged by Kazem Edmond.

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