Field trip - August 2011

We had almost 60 first-grader students visiting our lab; pictures taken by Eric Weeks.

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Microscopy lab. With Xia Hong (white lab coat) and Laura Gray (white shirt).

(In the last picture, Laura is showing them a small vial of colloids, which they've been looking at on the microscope.)

High speed camera lab. With Adonis Bovell (red tshirt) and James Sebel (gray tshirt). In the first two pictures, Adonis is preparing to burst a water balloon. Some of the students are covering their ears in case it's too loud. In the next five pictures, students are preparing to make 'pbbbbbttt' sounds while they are filmed with the high speed camera. On video playback, we can see their lips flapping.

Brazil nut experiment. With Nabiha Saklayen and David Kilgore, shown in the first two pictures.

Everybody gets a small plastic beaker and then the beakers are filled with sand. The students then each get a small plastic sphere. They bury the sphere into the sand, then shake their beaker up and down for a while. What happens to the sphere? The pegboard is our homemade table at first-grader height.

Setting up corn starch experiment. Featuring Ken Desmond (green shirt) and Gary Hunter (red shirt).

Corn starch experiment. Still featuring Ken Desmond (green shirt) and Gary Hunter (red shirt).

We start by putting gloves on... will it keep the students from getting messy?

Time to play!

What is everybody in Emerson Hall looking at?

Time to take our gloves off and clean up.

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