Field trip - December 2009

We had about 20 students visiting our lab; most pictures taken by Eric Weeks.

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Learning about Brownian motion from Gary Hunter (wearing dark green shirt).

Students enact Brownian motion. Each student has a sheet of paper with printed instructions to take a random sequence of steps left, right, forward, or backward. The second picture shows where they are after several random steps. One student is an outlier, at right, standing behind the microscope table.

Playing with two-dimensional granular demonstrations (assisted by Laura Golick, in the green sweater). The wooden box is a game with a spring-loaded plunger pushing on wooden disks. Some disks are easy to remove, and the remaining disks are granular "force chains" which bear the force of the plunger. Nearby sits a demonstration with photoelastic disks, where force chains can be directly visualized.

Playing with corn starch and water (assisted by Nabiha Saklayen and Kazem Edmond, wearing white lab coats, and Eric Weeks, wearing a black sweater).

Ken Desmond explains granular physics.

Wearing 3D glasses to look at a 3D movie of a foam, taken with confocal microscopy. (Dandan Chen is standing in the background.)

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