Field trip - November 2010

We had about 30 high school students visiting our lab, from Therrell High School (Atlanta).

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Graduate student Ken Desmond (from our lab) was working with high school teacher Sarah Al-Husseini as part of Emory's PRISM program. Ken and Sarah brought their students to our lab for a field trip. Good pictures taken by the high school students, bad pictures taken with Eric's iPhone.

Granular physics demonstrations. (With Paul Martin [at right in first picture] and Laura Golick Gray [white and purple striped shirt]. Ken is visible at the extreme left of the second picture.)

High speed camera demonstration. (With Justin Pye [near the camera] and Gopal Subedi [running the camera computer].) Two pictures show a balloon full of water, and Adonis Bovell ready to pop the balloon to see how it explodes in slow-motion.

Microscopy and Brownian motion. (With Daniel Real and Dandan Chen [standing at left in first picture] and Xia Hong [visible behind Dandan's shoulder in second picture].)

Playing with corn starch and water. (With Kazem Edmond [black shirt in first picture] and Gary Hunter [blue shirt in second picture].)

Stirring complex fluids. (In the corn-starch labroom with Kazem and Gary.)

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