Field trip - March 2005

We had about 30 students visiting our lab; pictures taken by Kate Bennett.

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  1. Denis Semwogerere introduces squishy materials.

    (Looking at squishy materials such as foam using a magnifying glass and a microscope. Vikram Prasad is visible in the 1st picture, standing behind Denis.)

  2. Gianguido Cianci discussing squishy materials.

    Jason Hay is visible in 2nd picture, at left (wearing a white shirt).

  3. Preparing to play with squishy materials.

    (The materials we used are safe to touch, but we had the students put on gloves so they would be encouraged to touch the materials and engage in the experiments we conducted.)

  4. Prof. Phil Segre does a loud electrical demonstration.

    (A Wimshurst generator.)

  5. Dr. Jed Brody induces electric fields.

    (Jed is holding a tesla coil with his right hand, and inducing a fluorescent bulb to light, held by the students.)

  6. Eric Weeks demonstrates liquid nitrogen.

    (Last picture is smashing a frozen banana with a hammer.)

  7. Eric Weeks demonstrating angular momentum, with help from student

    (2nd picture: Eric is very dizzy. In the foreground, you can see pieces of shattered frozen banana.)

For more information, contact Eric Weeks.