Colloidal Gels and Depletion - The Movie

Gianguido Cianci and Eric Weeks

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    This is a Jmol movie (~1.6Mb) of the frame you saw here.

    Note that some particles disappear and then reappear. In reality they are diffusing in and out of the viewing volume. Of course, our tracking software takes that into account.

You can use the following commands on the movie:
Mouse - Rotates
Shift-Mouse - Zooms in/out
Ctrl-Mouse - Translates
S - cycles through drawing styles for colloids

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   Unfortunately, we have not figured out how to let the movie play continuously using Jmol. If anybody can help, please let us know.

For more information, please contact:
G. Cianci <gcianci(at)> or E.Weeks <weeks(at)>