Colloidal Gels and Depletion

Gianguido Cianci and Eric Weeks

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3D network

    As you can see in Fig.1 from the previous page, our particles are forming a three dimensional network throughout the viewing volume. You can "check" by using your mouse on the figure at right.
   It is this network which traps the solvent, holds the gel together and supports its weight.

In the picture at right the following commands might be useful:
Mouse - Rotates
Shift-Mouse - Zooms in/out
Ctrl-Mouse - Translates
S - cycles through drawing styles for colloids

Jmol movie Fig.2: Jmol rendering of the Colloidal Gel of Fig.1.

For more information, please contact:
G. Cianci <gcianci(at)> or E.Weeks <weeks(at)>