Pictures from India, January 2008

Hands-on Research in Complex Systems, Gandhinagar, India -- Kazem Edmond & Eric Weeks

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Kazem & Eric, in the lab room where we did our exercises (picture from Mona Habibi)

Almost all of the pictures below were taken by Kazem Edmond, except where noted.

Lab Room

We had a lab room we shared with Ken Schowalter (Ken's space was on the other side of the gray cabinets). We had a table with a microscope & computer; we used the computer to grab movies from the CCD camera on top of the microscope. We used some putty to help attach the camera to the old microscope.


Stirring complex fluids

Looking through the microscope

Eric giving one of his lectures


Eric & Prerna Sharma

Eric, Priti, & Prerna

Aliah & Eric (pic provided by Aliah)

Mona Habibi & Eric (pic provided by Mona)

Katha Anki Reddy & Eric

Dan Lathrop & Raj Roy

I don't remember everybody's name... Left to right: ?, Gay, Harry, Galila, Aliah

Harry Swinney giving the final lecture, along with view of the lecture room

Eric, Ken Schowalter, and Harry Swinney

Self portraits of Kazem

Location: Institute for Plasma Physics

Having tea on the first day

Outside the building our lab room was in. Actually, the lab room was the entire building.

The main courtyard of the Institute.


In the cantina, on Day 1

Most days we had lunch outdoors:

In the soup line

The buffet line for the main course

Sitting & eating

Dinner was typically in the courtyard of the student dormitory

At the kite festival


Flying kites!

Henna tattoos!