Colloidal crystal / liquid interface

Work done by Jessica Hernandez-Guzman and Eric R. Weeks; contact Eric for more information (weeks (at)

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We created a colloidal crystal in coexistence with a colloidal liquid. We took 3D data from the interfacial region.

Sample movies: The first movie below shows the raw images from 2D slices at constant depth within the 3D data. After a while in the movie, we slowly switch from the raw images to the particle tracking results. The second movie shows just the reconstructed 3D positions, and after a short time turns on the coloring. The darker the blue, the more crystalline the particles are; the liquid particles are colored yellow (if they are partially ordered) and red (if they are completely disordered). Thus, the interface is fairly easy to see. The movies are animated GIFs, so click each image to see the animation.

Movie details: The movies are from 3750 s of data, and thus play back about 100 times faster than real time. In the raw images, the time between images is 25 s. The colloids are two microns in diameter. The images are about 50 microns x 50 microns in size.

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