Pictures of the Weeks Laboratory

Emerson Hall 350/347, Physics Department -- Prof. Eric R. Weeks

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These two pictures show the confocal microscope (on the left table) and a regular optical microscope (the right table). In the lower picture, a green image of a colloidal crystal can be seen on the TV monitor; this image is from the confocal microscope. The microscopes are both on floating tables. Between the microscopes is an SGI computer which runs the confocal microscope.

We bought a used sofa which sits in front of the whiteboard. The picture was taken before the couch, so you'll just have to picture a blue sofa there.

Two other pictures showing slightly different views of the lab. The top picture looks eastward, the bottom picture looks westward towards the two student offices.

This is a snapshot of a lab bench in the chemistry lab, across the hall from the main lab. This room is actually as big as the other lab room, but it has two fume hoods and two lab benches which take up a fair bit of space.

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