Car trip to Baltimore:

Jessy, Sabrina & Jessy, & driver Dr. Denis

Registering for the conference:

Sabrina & Jessy; Gianguido; Carrie (is Emory in California?); Vikram

Prof. Habdas:

Lunch at Pizzeria Uno's:

In 5th picture, Eric is sitting with Alex Meyer from U Deleware (Furst group). I don't know why I look so serious in that picture.

Reunion dinner at Chinese restaurant:

Gianguido Cianci:

Jessy Hernandez-Guzman (with Piotr Habdas in 3rd and 4th pictures):

Shanshan Wu (with Piotr Habdas in 2nd & 3rd pictures):

Ted Brzinski:

Group picture at Chinese restaurant:

Roughly L to R: Vikram, Scott, Denis, Jessy, Eric, Cortney, Ted, Carrie, Sabrina, Piotr, Andrej, Nora, Shanshan, Hans, Gianguido, Jason (hiding in 2nd picture)

Lunch with Horacio Castillo, Gianguido, and Eric:

Ted and his macintosh laptop:

Breakfast at Caribou Coffee with Rachel Courtland:

Outside convention center, last day:

One last group picture:

L to R (both pictures): Eric, Carrie, Vikram, Denis, Jessy, Gianguido, Sabrina, Rachel, Ted, Shanshan