Halloween 2006

Pictures taken by Gianguido Cianci, Jessy Hernandez-Guzman, Eric Weeks, and Chrissy Weeks

Pictures by Jessy Hernandez-Guzman:

Denis, Frances, Gianguido, Ken

Gina Farley is a "melting polar ice cap" with the blue face

Eric "Bigbeard the pirate" and Vikram "Pirate Winestain"

Ken, Dandan, and Kazem

Pictures by Gianguido Cianci:



Gianguido and Frances


Jason the Ring Wraith

Pirate Winestain trying to fend off the Ring Wraith


Dandan with Bigbeard's sword

Chrissy and Jerry

Chrissy, the former captive of Bigbeard the Pirate

Eric and Dandan

Karen "Rouge" Prouty

Pumpkin Family

Spooky the Pumpkin

Pictures by Eric & Chrissy:

Frances and the Cereal Killer

Pumpkins etc

Alice and Tom Chow

Alice "Butterfly" Chow

Frances & Denis

Denis inspecting many bottles

Frances & Denis

Chrissy, ex-pirate captive

Peace at far right

Party scene

Chrissy and Denis

Chrissy and Denis

Scott as "Kenny G" and Peace

Jessy and Dandan



Lov and Kazem

Chrissy and a pirate

Rich, Stacy, ?

Rich, Stacy, ?

Hosts of party