Marion Elizabeth Weeks -- year one

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11 1/2 months old, visiting grandparents in Chicago (July 2008):

11 months old (July 2008):

Destruction video

At swim class (left) & a new dress (right):

10 months old: June 1-5, 2008. Vacation at Sullivan's Island, SC, with Chrissy's side of the family.

9 months old: May 10, 2008. Marion has learned how to stand when she's holding on to something.

9 months old: April 29, 2008, at the Physics Picnic. Marion is 21 pounds now, almost too big to fit in the Baby Bjorn. Pictures taken by Gianguido Cianci.

7 1/2 months old: mid-March 2008, we are trying to get her to eat some more solid foods, and she has learned to crawl.

At left: This is how she likes to sit in her high-chair, with her feet above the tray. And this is how she likes to wear her socks, too.

The picture at right shows her trying to eat yogurt.

6 months old: early February 2008, she has learned to sit up on her own.

4 months old: early December 2007


The Christmas tree below was at the Festival of Trees display at the Atlanta History Center.

3 months old: late October, early November pictures

Breast Cancer Walk, October 27, 2007

Some pictures from the first two months:

Within the first couple of days: