Marion as a one-year-old

Pictures in reverse chronological order.

23 months old -- out for ice cream, July 2009

20 months old -- reading with Grandma (late March 2009)

19 months old -- Vacation in Florida with Weeks Grandparents, March 2009

Walking in Daddy's shoes:

On the beach:

In the pool with Daddy and Grandpa:

At the playground:


19 months old -- March 1, 2009 -- it snowed in Atlanta!

18 months old -- February 2009 (Visiting Daddy at his office, and running in the Toddler Park)

17 months old -- January 2009

The first picture was the morning she woke up to discover a new kitchen waiting for her, a Christmas present from Mimi.

17 months old -- Happy New Year 2009!

almost 17 months old -- sledding in Chicago in Grandparents' back yard

16 months old -- pre-Christmas 2008

What are those things? I want one... Got it!

15 months old -- one of Eric's favorite pictures (November 2008)

15 months old -- Halloween 2008

Marion-the-Pony went trick-or-treating with parents and friends.

Nobody is home...

At a Halloween party:

14 months old, mostly visiting grandparents in Chicago, including two pictures in her favorite chair in her grandparents' house (October 2008):

Meeting Marion's newest cousin, Samantha Lausten

Look, I have a cucumber!

12 months old (August 2008)