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A cellular automata/quasicrystal combination
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Zoom outwards from this picture (see more of the original picture) (68k)


The diamond shaped tiles form a quasi-crystalline tiling of the plane. This tiling has an underlying 5-fold symmetry (not visible in the picture). The size of the tiles was controlled so that the farther the tile is from the grey tile at the upper left, the smaller the size -- this is what produces the white space between tiles at the lower right. The holes in the centers of the tiles are put in for artistic effect. The coloring of the tiles is based on a simple cellular automata rule, again chosen for artistic effect.


Previously I had a version of this picture with a white background, rather than a black background. I decided I prefer the black background, but if you still want to see the original image click here.

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Eric R. Weeks
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