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computer generated blue flower picture

A cellular automata run on a quasicrystal
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This picture was generated on a quasi-periodic tiling of the plane possessing 17-fold symmetry.

The blue coloring was generated by a simple cellular automata rule which colors blank tiles (cells) only if they are next to colored tiles. The rule is applied until the entire picture is colored. The rule is to make the new color equal to the average color of the neighboring tiles, plus a small amount (in this case, making the color lighter). If the color overflows (becomes too light) it is reset to dark blue. The initial condition was to color in a cell in the very center of the picture (too small to see on this version).

The program that generates the quasi-periodic tiling is responsible for the overall circular shape; that is the limit of the tiles that are produced. This picture was produced with 153,905 tiles.

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