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Cellular Automata on a QuasiCrystal

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The information on this page is sketchy; for more detailed information on the algorithm, click here.

This picture was generated on a quasi-periodic tiling of the plane possessing 5-fold symmetry.

This is the CA for those of you who're voting for Ross Perot, or who just like third parties in general. Each tile examines a depth-4 neighborhood, including themselves. If a majority opinion is present, the tile switches to that color. If there is a tie, the tile switches randomly to one of the winners. Everybody starts out randomly.

There is a twist -- the skinny diamonds are contrary, and they prefer to switch to a minority opinion. If there are several minority opinions, one is chosen randomly.

This is the same algorithm, except that skinny diamonds behave themselves this time and follow the majority opinion. I'm using a depth-3 neighborhood for this picture. Colors chosen to be somewhat Earth-like.

I got silly and did a five-party CA.

Two-party system cellular automata.

If you're curious what a depth-4 neighborhood is, or if you just realize that I'm leaving out lots of details, click here. (Or if you just want to see a similar picture.)

A simpler CA run on a quasicrystal.


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