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Cellular Automata on a QuasiCrystal

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The information on this page is sketchy; for more detailed information on the algorithm, click here.

This picture was generated on a quasi-periodic tiling of the plane possessing 5-fold symmetry.

OK, I got carried away. I wrote the software to do 3-party majority rule CA in such a way that I could do N-party. Here's N=5. Depth-3 neighborhood, 400,000 iterations, 86,000+ tiles.

Curious what the Earth would look like from space if we had a 3-party system world government? Click here for more information. Or, perhaps it's just a 3-party majority rule CA run on a quasi crystal ...

Two-party system cellular automata.

If you're curious what a depth-4 neighborhood is, or if you just realize that I'm leaving out lots of details, click here. (Or if you just want to see a similar picture.)

A simpler CA run on a quasicrystal.


Current address:
Eric R. Weeks
Department of Physics
Emory University
Atlanta, GA 30322-2430