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Wallpaper made from mathematical patterns

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For various web pages I have, I made different pictures that can be used as wallpaper. Left-click on the picture to find a description of how that tile was made. Right-click on the picture to download it so that you can use it as wallpaper.

These pictures were made with the same algorithm, just using different schemes to color the pictures. Click here for a discussion of the algorithm.

The tile at left is from a quasicrystal.

The above two tiles are the same pattern with different coloring. The background image is the same pattern, but twice as big -- click here to download the rather large gif image which is the background for this page. (13k)

I also made some text patches to be used as wallpaper.


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Eric R. Weeks
Department of Physics
Emory University
Atlanta, GA 30322-2430